The Parish Council comprises of 6 Councillors, who remain in office until May 2019.

Your Parish Councillors are:-


•Cllr. Steve Triffitt (Chairman of the Parish Council)

•Cllr. Ron Carey (Vice Chairman)

•Cllr. Jackie Gray

•Cllr. Mark Evans

•Cllr. Kay Stockill

•Cllr. Steve Willbourne


Your Borough Councillor is:-

•Cllr. David Jeffels & Cllr Heather Phillips.

Your County Councillor is:-

•Cllr. David Jeffels

The Clerk to the Parish Council – Miss Emma Steele


Appointment of Representatives for the following bodies-:

(a)   Brompton Village Hall  – Cllr J Gray

(b)   Sawdon Village Hall – Cllr K Stockill & Cllr S Willbourne

(c)   Peirson Charity  – Cllr R Carey

(d)   Yorkshire Local Councils Associations (Scarborough Branch) – Cllr R Carey

(e)   NYMNP Southern Forum – Cllr K Stockill

(f)   Northern Area Police and Parish Liaison Group – Cllr S Willbourne

(g)   SBC Central Rural Area Committee – Cllr M Evans

(h)   NYCC Coast and Moors Area Committee –  Cllr S Willbourne